Pursuant to an effort to review the University’s HR procedures, specifically substantiation, advancement, crossing of pay bands, pay adjustment, retirement, extension of service and others concerning our teaching staff, a Deans’ ad hoc committee was appointed to look into the matter and advise the Provost of amendment to the current policies and procedures.  Subsequently, the committee developed a report, which the Deans received on 7 September 2010 at their monthly meeting with the Provost.  The proposal was duly approved by the AAPC .

The Process:

In April 2010, an Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Review Procedures of Academic Staff comprising all the Faculty Deans or their representatives was appointed by the Provost to review the existing procedures for teaching staff reviews and appointments, with a view to establishing a more efficient and effective system for dealing with academic personnel matters, while maintaining a high quality standard for the appointment, advancement and substantiation of teaching staff at the University.

The Convener of the Ad Hoc Committee reported regularly to the Deans Monthly Meetings about the discussions. In September 2010, the Subcommittee completed the review and submitted its report to the Provost. On 7 September 2010, the Faculty Deans received the report at their monthly meeting with the Provost.

On September 27, 2010, the Provost presented to the VC, the PVCs, and the UAPC, the recommendations by Deans' Ad Hoc Committee on Review Procedures of Academic Staff, in the format of special sessions of the UAPC

On 7 December 2010, the Faculty Deans received a consultation paper based on which consultation with Faculty members was conducted and completed in February 2011. A mass email was sent in January 2011 for consultation with the staff.

On the receipt of the comments, a paper was attempted which finalized the recommendations and amendment to the procedures. Most of the comments received in the faculty consultation process was incorporated into the paper. The paper was then discussed during the Faculty Deans' April Month monthly meeting (2011) with the Provost.

The proposal was duly approved by the AAPC.

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