With a view to examining the allocation mechanism of research postgraduate students in CUHK for areas of improvement, the ad hoc committee was appointed to advise the Provost of the alternative proposals and probe the scenario planning undertaken in addressing the Faculty Deans' concerns over the existing methods. The Deans Committee received accordingly a report by the ad hoc committee in September 2010.

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Last updated: November 18, 2014

Ad Hoc Committee for RPg Allocation Policy (2010)


Convenor: Professor Wong Wing-shing, Dean of the Graduate School
Members: ART: Professor Laurence Wong
BA: Professor Vernon Hsu
EDU: Professor Leslie Lo
ERG: Professor Helen Meng
LAW: Professor Yu Xingzhong
MED: Professor Dennis Lo
SCI:  Professor Xie Zuowei
SSC: Professor Cheung Yuet Wah
Professor Benjamin W, Wah, Provost (Ex-officio)
Secretary: Ms. Cindy Wu, Provost's Office

Terms of Reference

  • To develop the principles of allocation of RPg students in order to ensure fair and equitable support of the type to Faculties.
  • To examine the current allocation mechanism and to identify areas of improvement, if any.
  • To offer a platform for discussing allocation mechanisms and proposals from Faculties.
  • To develop a priority list of alternative proposals and to report them to the Provost and the committee of Deans by September 11, 2010.  Based on some assumptions, each proposal should include scenarios and effects on Faculties for the next three years