Pursuant to concerns expressed by faculty members over the procedure for conducting reviews of teaching staff, viz. substantiation, advancement, crossing of pay bands and pay adjustment and others, Provost set up an ad hoc committee comprising all the Faculty Deans to undertake review of the procedures and policies. In consultation with the Faculty Deans, a report was drawn up and made available to the teaching staff for review. The faculty consultation process was subsequently concluded when the Provost-Faculty Deans Committee finalized the documentation of 19 recommendations. At its meeting the AAPC approved the amendments.

* * *

Ad Hoc Subcommittee for Procedures of Reviews of Academic Staff (March 2010)


Terms of Reference

  • To develop the principles of reviews of academic staff that are appropriate for influencing human resource policies.
  • To review and refine the existing procedures, subject to conditions imposed by the CUHK Statutes and Council.
  • To formulate the consolidated proposals of amendment and propose related policies for implementation in Fall, 2010 and onwards.  The new procedure should be common across all Faculties, and Faculty-specific aspects should be minimized.  It should be aimed to maintain a high standard for promotion and substantiation in CUHK.


Last updated: September 5, 2016