AAPC approved the establishment of the Committee as a sub-committee of the AAPC with effect from 1 September 2013.  The Committee meets monthly and has helped formulate important academic and personnel policies and recommendations for consideration by the AAPC, Senate and Council on matters pertaining to strategic planning, development, implementation, assessment and enhancement of all academic programmes. Appropriate consultation with the faculty members will be, and has been, conducted via the Deans through the Faculties' established mechanism (e.g. Faculty Board, Faculty ExCo, Department Chairmen).

Terms of reference:

To provide support and input to the University’s strategic planning and development processes at Departmental, Faculty and University levels, especially the academic functions of teaching and learning, research and knowledge transfer, including the quality of education and research, recruitment and retention of academic staff, enhancement of the student learning environment, and the efficient use of financial resources to support the University’s mission.


Provost (Convenor) and Deans of the Faculties and of the Graduate School

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