In 2011, separate ad hoc committees comprising all Faculty Deans were appointed by the Provost to consider respective matters relating to the teaching staff. Three proposals in relation to (1) Review Arrangements in respect of Teaching Staff; (2) Assessment Criteria for Review for Advancement and Conversion to Continuous Appointment on the Lecturer Grade; and (3) Procedures and Criteria for Appointment to the Principal Lecturer Rank were then drawn up for consultation. In consultation with the Deans Committee and VC's Committee, the papers for consultation were confirmed and sent to the teaching staff for review by broadcast email on April 11, 2012.

The recommendations in turn went through rounds of discussion for modifications. Having regard to the comments received from staff members, informal briefings about the major refinements were also held among certain staff organizations on 8 August 2012. Further refinements were made to the proposals. At its meeting of 28 August 2012, the Administrative and Planning Committee (AAPC) approved the three proposals, with a view to streamlining existing review arrangements in respect of teaching staff and working towards greater transparency in the mechanism and criteria of teaching staff personnel decision-making. The Personnel Circular No 2: 2012  announces the approved guidelines and highlights the implementation arrangements for the attention of Departments/Units.


September 2016: The Annual Performance Assessment (APA) for academic staff has been in place since 2012, providing a mechanism to gauge staff performance and identify areas of development. Having regard to experience gained and views raised by various stakeholders since its implementation, including faculty members in general and academic personnel committee members, it is considered an opportune time to further enhance the review mechanism. The proposed enhancements are set out in the consultation paper, which was issued to all academic staff on September 6, 2016, inviting comments by September 30, 2016. All faculty members are welcome to send in their comments to the Provost’s Office via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Taking into account the views received, the proposals may be further revised as appropriate for the University’s approval, expected in late October in order for the enhancements to take place in the coming review exercise.


March 2016: The University has been reviewing the annual performance assessment arrangements, to be renamed as Academic Staff Development Review (ASDR), with a view to highlighting development as the key purpose of the review. In formulating the proposed changes, views of the Deans Committee as well as representatives of staff unions have been sought. The proposed enhancements will be presented for consultation with all faculty members in September.


June 2015: Reviews for advancement/crossing of pay bands, extension of service beyond retirement and substantiation are now handled through ASRW, including the process of candidate submission and DAPC/FAPC review. The URL access is Various enhancements are still in progress. Other reviews are expected to be included in later phases.


June 2013: Provost called for a systemic review of the annual-performance/pay-review/appraisal online system before the ITSC/PER design group would work on the automation of the rest of academic staff review procedures, including advancement and substantiation. User feedback was collected from meetings on 2 April and 7 May. The aims of the survey were to understand the problems the DAPCs/ FAPCs had encountered in using the ASRW; to sort out the major refinements and elicit guides/clarifications addressing the issues. On their meeting held on 4 June 2013, the Faculty Deans received the notes of issues and corresponding resolutions, and agreed that modifications as stated in the document "Issues Identified and Suggested Follow-Up" should be implemented as ASRW entered into the next phase of development.


November 2012: The collaborative workspace for Academic Personnel Committees went live in November 2012 after user acceptance tests and strategic briefing sessions with Department Chairs. The online tool was named Academic Staff Review Workflow System (ASRW).  In its first phase, ASRW covered the Pay Review Exercise and the Annual Appraisal Exercise.

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