Pursuant to the initiative of reviewing the CUHK University Websites and New Media Platforms, Provost has set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the redesign of the CUHK homepage, and to recommend University-wide policies regarding the new media platforms and communications with its stakeholders.



  • January 2012: The Ad Hoc Committee on Developing CUHK University Websites and New Media Platforms was set up.
  • June 2012: The Deans Committee received the Standards and Guidelines for all CUHK Websites an enforcement guide. ISO, together with Faculty Secretaries, organized a Web Managers' Group to discuss how to move forward in updating all CUHK Web sites and in complying with the standard.
  • August 2012: The 6th meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee.
  • October 2012: A notification was sent to all CUHK stakeholders by staff / students/ alumni groups. Members of the CUHK Community were encouraged to respond to the request for comment on the existing CUHK web site.
  • January 2013: New Homepage launched on 1.1. 2013.
  • January 2013: ISO was requested to develop a plan for soliciting systematic feedback about further revamp of CUHK Websites and promotion of Web standard and requirements. The A/PVC Committee recommended that ISO should conduct a mock survey and test the survey result reporting functionality. Reviewing the mock report to rethink the questionnaire design was deemed advisable.
  • March 2013: ISO planned to complete the review by May and discuss the review in mid-May. Note also that update of the individual units were in the planning.
  • April 2013: The CUHK Website has won the Gold Award of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme co-organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the Equal Opportunities Commission.
  • February 2014: A Web Masters conference will be hosted to announce our timetable on standardizing all the Web pages of CUHK by late 2014. 
  • June 2014: The University is in the process of enforcing a set of basic Web standards in the CUHK website with a view to consolidating the University's web presence. 

This page was last updated on November 18, 2014.