Provost has set up a task force to develop a plan to revamp our supports in the next five years. The Project Steering Committee identifies new initiatives that support the job requirements; to formulate a consolidated proposal of amendment; and to propose a total strategy to better integrate information and management. It is hoped that the new system can streamline the work of teaching staff and related administrative units while enhancing data accuracy and completeness.

The administration has also engaged consultancy and consequently received the final report in November 2012. The recommendations on the change initiatives and implementation roadmap were considered at the joint meeting of the Project Steering Committee with our VC, PVCs and Faculty Deans. In November 2012, the University Strategic Planning Workshop concurred with the recommendations to design new management upgrades and strategically incorporate more planning-enabled responsibilities into our academic personnel and research administration. Policy development will be a pivotal undertaking in planning the functions and protocols. Provost with PVCs for Administration and Research, with a Programme Management Team, will map out the function-specific work requirements as well as document such workflows in the next nine months, leading to the preparations of the tendering specifications by September 2013.


  • August 2011: The IS-IT Task Force for CUHK's Electronic Future was set up.
  • December 2011: The IS-IT Task Force discussed at the annual University Strategic Planning workshop its tasks, viz. to review and consolidate our IT capabilities, to identify new initiatives and the total solutions that support the job requirements of the teachers for Teaching and various offices, and to formulate a consolidated proposal of amendment and propose a total strategy for IT services support for Teaching and Administration with a five-year outlook.
  • March 27, 2012: The IS-IT Task Force calls for ideas for streamlining our administrative information management system.
  • August 21, 2012: Project Steering Committee for IS-IT Development endorsed consultant's interim report. The study of the administrative processes contributed new ideas to teaching and research capacity building. The next steps proposed will be deliberated at the University Strategic Planning Workshop, namely, (i) Future Design on HRM/Research Management upgrades and Faculty self-service support with streamlined IT support; (ii) Identify and prioritize the change initiatives and formulate the implementation plan; and (iii) Major investments.
  • October 31, 2012: Project Steering Committee hearing of IS-IT Change vision, future design of HRM and Research Administration systems, broader tech enablement, cost-benefit analysis, key recommendations and implementation plans.
  • November 2012: Project Steering Committee for IS-IT Development has endorsed consultant's final report: A study of the administrative processes that contribute to building the teaching and research capacity of the academic staff force.
  • November 27, 2012: CUHK turns a new page on academic affairs administration as workflow efficiency reviews and policy development are full steam ahead. The 2012 Annual University Strategic Planning Workshop also endorsed the change initiatives to develop a fully-fledged Research Administration system that place increasing emphasis on research policy analysis, institutional  research activities, industrial liaison, etc. The University has also endorsed the initiative to design an integrated HRMS solution to streamline HR processes and other legacy systems.
  • December 2012: We embark on a landmark initiative to review, rewrite and develop policies as we define the codes of practice and business workflows. A Programme Management Team will be set up to see to the planning and documentation. There will be further consultation with the Faculty Deans, Project Steering Committee, and Vice Chancellor's Group on the various aspects of development.
  • January 2013: Provost with UPO will develop and prototype the Warehouse and SharePoint system that can facilitate broad-spectrum data sharing at the university level as endorsed at the Annual University Strategic Planning Workshop. The aims of project is to upgrade our administrative support services.
  • February 2013: Provost calls for the planning of the major initiatives for administration effectiveness. The Project Management Team will lay down the role and functions of the various working groups. Next up the working groups will identify the requirements for the integrated HRM and research development solutions dovetailing the effort to upgrade the academic management information system.
  • July 2013: Joint meeting of the working groups.
  • September 2013: 2nd Meeting of the Project Management Team to review the design cycle and complete specifications.
  • December 2013: 4th Meeting of the Project Management Team to review the request for proposals of Human Resources Management System and Academic Information Management System.
  • January 2014: The 2014 Annual University Strategic Planning Workshop endorsed the recommendations of the Project Management Team to engage qualified vendors to build the Human Resources Management System and Academic Information Management System.
  • June 2014:  The University is in the process of replacing the current research management systems (OPIS and RISE) by a new system called Academic Information Management System (AIMS), which better integrates the information and management of teaching staff's publications, grants, knowledge transfer activities and service records. It is hoped that the new system can streamline the work of teaching staff and related administrative units while enhancing data accuracy and completeness. Three forums opened to all staff in CUHK were held on 6/6/2014, 13/6/2014 and 20/6/2014. The purpose of the forum is to explain the scope of the new system, and to collect views from staff on features that the new system should provide. The new system will be of interest to those who use OPIS, RISE, CAS and SPUS. The new system will focus on the following areas: Publication management, Grant management, Knowledge Transfer management, Enhancement of SPUS (Staff Profile Update System and CAS). All forums will have the same coverage. The selection of the system will be commencing in July 2014.  Enquiries about the forum details can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • November 2014: A proposal of engaging the integrated data warehose and reporting system has been presented to AAPC. A committeee will be set up to develop the giverning protocols dealing with information management at the university level.
  • April 2015: The University has launched KEEP (Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform), a cloud-based eLearning platform developed and initiated by CUHK with its partner institutions and funded by the University Grant Committee (UGC). KEEP is the territory's first cloud-based eLearning platform offering a personalized educational portal for users to easily search, subscribe and access content related to education from the KEEP Cloud Ecosystem. KEEP is now open for subscription.

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