Provost set up an ad hoc committee with Faculty Deans to review the policies governing the self-financed TPg programmes in 2012. The initiative has taken stock of the strategic goals, financial discipline, and the current scope of quality assurance reviews.

Pursuant to the initiative, Provost appointed a Committee to Develop Policies Governing the Self-financed TPg Programmes and a working group to develop the policies and procedures manual.

News and Updates:

2011: We enacted financial reviews on all programmes using the audit mechanism.


April 2012: We trawled for proposals of stepping up student support, educational quality, and resource management. The university strategic planning workshop received a report on the results of review.


August 2012: A separate Task Force comprising various administrative units was appointed by the Provost to consider respective policy matters.


September 2013: Provost appointed a new Committee to Develop Policies Governing the Self-financed TPg Programmes.  Two subcommittees were set up drawing membership from the committee to undertake in-depth research and a comprehensive review of the matter.


November 2013: RAC received the report by the Committee.


September 2014: Taking care of Academic Planning, Provost with the University Planning Office spears effort with the institutional research activities with an aim to stepping up the management support for Faculty Deans.They received a SFP data schema and BI prototype for best-practice academic programme quality assurance and resources management.


November 2014: Provost led an effort to review the existing policies and procedures. 2015 is targeted for the completion of a comprehensive manual.


August 2015: A review was conducted by the Deans Committee on the programme directorship for Self-Financed Taught Postgraduate Programmes with a view to consolidating a formal policy on the appointment of Programme Directors for the said programmes. The proposed policy and its pertinent guidelines were approved by the Administrative and Planning Committee at its 9th (2015) meeting held on August 11, 2015.

Committee to Develop Policies Governing the Self-financed TPg Programmes (September 2013)


Provost (Convener)
PVC Michael Hui (PVC, Administration)
PVC K. T. Hau (PVC, Education)
APVC Dennis Ng (Dean of Students)
Professor Wong Wing-shing (Dean of Graduate School/Engineering)
Professor Thomas Lee (Arts)
Professor Vernon Hsu (BA)
Professor Ni Yu-Jing (Education)
Professor Wolff Lutz-Christian (Law)
Professor Diana Lee (Medicine)
Professor Kwan Hoi-Shan (Science)
Professor Joyce Ma (Social Science)
Professor W. Y. Poon (CLEAR)
Eric Ng (Registrar and Secretary, Ex-officio)
Salome Chan (Bursar, Ex-officio)
Corinna Lee (Personnel Office, Ex-officio)
Michael Chang (UPO, Ex-officio)
Philip Choi (Bursary, Observer)
Joanna Lee (GSO, Observer)
Raymond Leung (OSA, Observer)
Selinia Ng (Personnel Office, Observer)
Betty To (Personnel Office, Observer)
Alfred Wong (Internal Audit, Observer)
Cindy Wu (PRVO, Secretary)

Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluating CUHK Self-financed Taught Postgraduate Programmes (March 2012)


Convener: Professor WONG Wing-shing, Dean of the Graduate School
Members: Professor Benjamin WAH, Provost (ex officio)
  PVC HAU Kit Tai
  APVC Dennis NG
  Professor LEUNG Yuen-sang, Dean, Faculty of Arts
  Professor T.J. WONG, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
  Professor Alvin LEUNG, Dean, Faculty of Education
  Professor C.P. WONG, Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  Professor Christopher GANE, Dean, Faculty of Law
  Professor T.F. FOK, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
  Professor NG Cheuk-yiu, Dean, Faculty of Science
  Professor Paul LEE, Dean, Faculty of Social Science
  Professor POON Wai Yin, Director of CLEAR
  Mr. Terence CHAN, University Bursar
  Mrs. Salome CHAN, Deputy Bursar
  Ms. Corinna LEE, representing the Director of Personnel
Secretary: Ms. Agnes CHAN, Graduate School
In attendance: Ms. Kitty YU, Academic and Quality Section
  Ms. Jocelyn YIP, Bursary
  Ms. Betty TO, Personnel Office
  Ms. Selinia NG, Personnel Office
  Ms. Joanna LEE, Graduate School

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