The University is inviting nominations for the 2020 University Education Award (UEA) and UGC Teaching Award. The criteria for selecting the UEA awardees will be the same as that of the UGC Teaching Award*. The award recognizes the exceptional work of faculty members who are bringing learning to life and inspiring students to fulfil their potential.


There will be three categories under the award in 2020: (1) General Faculty Members (open to individuals only), (2) Early Career Faculty Members (open to individuals only), and (3) Teams. For team nominations, teams with members from more than one UGC-funded universities are welcome (and in this case, the nomination will be regarded as submitted by the team leader’s university). For the Early Career Faculty Members category this year—nominees with no more than six years (instead of five years) of teaching experience in higher education institutions will be eligible for nomination.


We strongly encourage everyone to consider applying for this award. Self nominations are accepted. We also invite and encourage Faculty Deans to assist us in the nomination process by nominating individuals/teams who embody teaching and learning innovation. Each Faculty Dean is invited to nominate at least one nomination in any Award category.


Provost's memo: guidelines and selection criteria

Nomination Form


*At its 2nd (2012) Meeting held on 14 February 2012, the AAPC approved the establishment of a University Education Award with effect from 2011-12 academic year, and agreed that the number of recipients and selection criteria will be the same as that of the UGC Teaching Award.


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