In an attempt to streamline the data collection at both individual and departmental levels, based on such principles as data being captured at primary sources to ensure accuracy and data being entered only once to avoid duplication, the AAPC agreed at its 11th (2011) meeting on 30 August 2011 to overhaul the current practices of data collection, report generation and evaluation reviews. To date, the Provost has worked with various administrative units to streamline the processes. With a view to simplifying the templates that enable data input into various evaluation reviews at individual, departmental and Faculty levels, Provost has integrated various practices/infrastructures after interviews with a host of administrative units. The new electronic templates that capture input and update of raw data in connection with the teaching, research and scholarship, and service activities (i.e. the data that used to constitute Appendix E of the ADR) have been put in place after overhaul. In the meantime, the team is developing an online work interface to further step up the effort. Online, collaborative work spaces will be instituted again to enable documentation of data collected via the annual exercise in question as well as report generation in a cohesive fashion. With the latest enterprise, Faculty strategic planning in quality and paper reduction in quantity will likely result from this academic review initiative. Also, a bilateral review of many academic administration services, including the academic personnel administration which has taken the front row seat, is underway under the auspices of the IS-IT enhancement project.

Memo for Faculty Deans and Department Chairmen / Directors of Schools and Teaching Units, 30 August 2011

Updates: Published in December 2011, the CUHK road map for data collection lists the times the various committees and administration units collect survey data. (The sorted list of questionnaires and reports/summaries are available from the Intranet, University Planning Office.

Last updated: November 18, 2014