Further to the recommendations of the working group, Provost set up an ad hoc committee comprising all Faculty Deans to consider matters relating to the teaching staff. In turn, the recommendations by the ad hoc committee were consolidated into a proposal and subsequently sent to the Deans Committee and VC's Committee. In consultation with the modifications proposed, a paper was drawn up for consultation and made available to the teaching staff by broadcast email in April 2012. The consultation document is posted on the Intranet.

Updates: Further to the Faculty consultation process, the Deans Committee and VC's Committee considered the comments and feedback received. A paper was attempted to seek advice. Also, informal briefings about the major refinements were held among certain staff organizations. In turn, the proposal was submitted to the AAPC and was approved. 

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Assessment Criteria for Review for Advancement and Conversion to Continuous Appointment of Instructors, consultation document (To access the file, please use the CUHK CWEM ID and password.)