This Academic Staff Handbook provides a one-stop resource for the University's academic faculty members. As well as providing a brief introduction to the University, it outlines university policies and procedures and provides information about resources available to staff.


The information is divided into 12 chapters: (1) University Governance and Management, (2) Academic Structure of the University, (3) Teaching and Learning, (4) Research and Knowledge Transfer, (5) Employment Policies and Procedures, (6) Career Development and Progression, (7) Leave, (8) Benefits and Supports, (9) Outside Activities, (10) Other Important Personnel-related Information, (11) Codes of Practice and Other University Policies, and (12) Campus Facilities and Information.


The Handbook will be maintained and updated periodically. Amendments, modifications, revisions and additions approved by relevant committees in the University will be reflected in "Update History." Major-version changes will be tracked against their older editions and highlighted in a colored markup.


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Academic Staff Handbook