Pursuant to the report of the working group on Instructional Grades, a review of the process for appointments and career development of the Instructional Grades has taken place. Further to the recommendations of the working group, Provost set up an ad hoc committee comprising all Faculty Deans to consider matters relating to the teaching staff. In turn, the recommendations by the ad hoc committee were consolidated into a proposal and subsequently sent to the Deans Committee and VC's Committee. In consultation with the modifications proposed, a paper was drawn up for consultation and made available to the teaching staff by broadcast email in April 2012.

Updates: Further to the faculty consultation process, the Deans Committee and VC's Committee considered the comments and feedback received. Refinements to the proposal have been made based on the objectives to streamline the review arrangements and to work towards greater transparency in the mechanism and criteria for decision making on teaching staff. Also, informal briefings about the major refinements were held among certain staff organizations. The refined proposals were approved at the meeting of the Administrative and Planning Committee (AAPC) held on August 28, 2012, and details on the assessment criteria for review for advancement and conversion to continuous appointment on the Lecturer grade as well as the procedures and criteria for appointment to the Principal Lecturer rank are available from Personnel Circular No.2/2012. Informal briefings were organised, in June 2013, for staff associations to understand the designs of template for the Teaching Quality Report for instructional grade.

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Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Assessment Criteria for Advancement Review of Instructors (2011)


Convener: Professor Alvin Seung-Ming Leung, Dean of Education
Members: Faculty Deans
Mrs. Sophie Lau, Director of Personnel
Mr. Yuen Kin Chung, Deputy Director of Personnel
Secretaries: Ms. Kay Tse, Personnel Office


Terms of Reference

  • To review and refine the existing procedures for promotion and continuous appointment of instructors, subject to conditions imposed by the CUHK Statutes and Council.
  • To offer a platform for discussing the various proposals from Faculties.
  • To formulate a consolidated proposal that requires the least Faculty-specific amendments.
  • To develop the assessment criteria for advancement review of Instructor ranks (in the future, assistant lecturer, lecturer, senior lecturer, and principal lecturer) for reference by colleagues, and to report them to the Provost and the committee of Deans by September 8, 2011.