In 2011, separate ad hoc committees comprising all Faculty Deans were appointed by the Provost to consider respective matters relating to the teaching staff. The recommendations by the ad hoc committees were consolidated into proposals and subsequently sent to the Deans Committee and VC's Committee. Faculty Deans were requested to consult the teaching staff members over the recommendations on issues relating to the review for retirement/ extension of service of teaching staff, among other things. Informal briefings about the major refinements were also held among certain staff organizations in September 2012. Having regard to the modifications proposed, a paper for consultation with the AAPC was developed. Refinements to the proposals were made based on the objectives to streamline the review arrangements and to work towards greater transparency in the mechanism and criteria for decision making on teaching staff.

November 2012: The proposal on Review for Retirement/Extension of Service in respect of Teaching Staff was approved by AAPC on October 30, 2012. The baseline requirements and conditions for extension of service beyond retirement will be available in a General Circular to be issued by the Personnel Office in early 2013, when the call for application/nomination for review for extension of service is made.

March 2013: The ideas for considerations for extension of service be made three years ahead of the appointee's statutory retirement date was first mooted during the 122nd JCC Meeting on December 10, 2012. In response, an implementation procedure was developed and Faculty Deans were asked in January and February to seek the view and comments of the faculty members. In turn the AAPC received the proposal meeting on March 19, 2013.

April 2013: The General Circular on Retirement/ Extension of Service for Teaching Staff (2013) has been issued/ posted at HRO's webpage.

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Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Guidelines of Extension of Service Beyond Statutory Retirement Date (May 2011)


Convener:   Professor C. P. Wong, Dean of Engineering
Members:   Faculty Deans
    Mrs. Sophie Lau, Director of Personnel
    Mr. Yuen Kin Chung, Deputy Director of Personnel
Secretary:   Ms. Margaret Koo, Personnel Office


Terms of Reference

  • To review and refine the existing procedure for extending teaching staff (both academic staff and instructors) beyond the normal retirement age, subject to conditions imposed by the CUHK Statutes and Council.
  • To consider the possibility of offering extensions to staff with good teaching record at reduced salary, while keeping the same title.
  • To develop the general principle of extension of service, to identify the primary indicators of one’s academic achievements, and to propose the alternative duration options.
  • To develop the procedure and timetable for assessments.
  • To report the results and recommendations to the Provost as well as the committee of Deans by September 8, 2011.
  • To offer a platform for discussing alternative proposals from Faculties.
  • To formulate a consolidated proposal that minimizes Faculty-specific amendments.