University level

The University has ambitious plans to attain further heights of excellence. To this end, it has formulated in 2006 a Strategic Plan that articulates the University's aspirations and strategies for the decade. We are approaching the end of the second five-year period of the current plan. For the next plan, we will move to a 5-year planning horizon to cover the period from 2016 to 2020.


In its meeting held in March 2015, the AAPC agreed the strategic planning process and delegate to a Strategic Planning Committee the authority to set up sub-committees, namely Education, Research, Engagement, Resources, Infrastructure, and Special Projects to propose and plan strategic initiatives in consultation with the CUHK community.


Faculty level
In 2011 Provost rolled out a new academic planning process under the framework of Integrated Strategic and Budget Planning.  The exercise renders useful aspects for communication and management. With this new initiative, the integration of Faculties' and University's plans will be reinforced.

As a best-practice activity, the Vice Chancellor and the Provost invite the Deans of Faculties for an individual meeting each year to discuss matters concerning the strategic and budget plans of the Faculty and other progress and issues of the Faculty concerned. Reference will also be made to the results of survey on the performance of Dean in which the teaching staff participated on an unnamed basis.


Demographics, higher education, economic and budgetary matters, research, technology and economic development, political landscape, and the related implications, opportunities and challenges for the Faculty can be discussed in the Faculty Plan and likewise in Department Plans.

A common agenda for the meeting will be:


The extent of accomplishment of the last strategic plan


Comments on the new strategic and budget plans


Comments on the Faculty activities in respect of Teaching, Research, Resources and Staff, with highlights on new initiatives, achievements, issues or problems, while drawing references to relevant key performance indicators


Suggestions for future direction, actions or improvement targets


Analysis of feedback/comments collected from teaching staff members


Comments on leadership, management and required duties (ref. Roles and Responsibilities of Deans of Faculties)


Memos for Department Chairpersons and School Directors

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9 October 2014: Allocation of PI Costs/On-costs/HSS Premiums to Faculties/Departments in 2014/15 in relation to RGC Earmarked Research Grant

5 November 2013: Allocation of PI Costs/On-costs/HSS Premiums to Faculties/Departments in 2013/14 in relation to RGC Earmarked Research Grant

5 March 2014: Research Postgraduate (RPg) Places Funding Rates for the 2012-15 Triennium

Strategic Planning Workshop for Faculties and Departments






Indicative funding notifications will soon be released to Deans who will in turn prepare the triennial faculty budget and strategic development document.


Under the Integrated Budget and Strategic Planning Annual Cycle 2012/13, the Faculties have written up the 1st Milestone Strategic Plans. Corresponding feedbacks have been sent out.


The Faculty Deans received the current departmental data of their respective Faculties amid preparations of further strategic and budget plans to be submitted from their end.


Enriched the list of external benchmarking metrics on the University Planning Office Web.


The second milestone documents are due. The plan will review the strategic goals against the resource allocations, as well as charting a holistic course for the next three years. Corresponding feedbacks will be provided to the Deans prior to the meeting to review the integrated strategic and budget plan to be conducted in the week of 11 June 2012 with the VC and the Provost.  Feedbacks will also be provided to the Dean during the review meeting.


Faculty Deans are informed of the results of new annual survey. Opinions render useful aspects for consideration in communication and management.


Provost coordinates a triennial academic planning process. Deans & VC are engaged in long-range planning of integrated budget and strategic development initiatives.  Feedback in response to the Faculty written plans and budget will be conveyed to Deans at meetings.


Our Strategic Planning brings the University together in setting the directions for its development over the next decade, we detect opportunities and key success factors in the sector, and engage the Faculty Deans with Faculty Members to develop the plan of our future throughout the process.


With a view to strengthening the financial management, Faculties were requested to integrate the budget plan with strategic plan, and to prepare a Three-year Budget Plan ahead. RAC was pleased to see that Faculties had stepped up their effort in financial management and were held responsible and accountable for identifying deficits in an early stage and planning ahead for remedial actions and strategies in addressing the deficits. The Bursary had assisted in vetting the budget plans, providing feedback, scrutinizing the revised budget plans, and recommending acceptance reports.


The University Planning Office seeks to develop a data source that provides the best informed and most effective resource to build Faculty global profiles with aspect of institutional research on strategic planning and Faculties self-evaluation.


Jump-starting the Faculty strategic planning process, Provost meets Faculty Deans, Assoc. Deans, Department Chairpersons as a continuation of the townhall meetings held last November.


The critical data of Faculties/Departments will be prepared to aid Deans'/Heads' understanding of and strategic planning at the respective levels. Observations will be entered near the graphical and tabular presentation files for Provost to discuss in the campus townhall meetings.


Department Report Forms will be used to lay down problems that Provost observes or deserve attention, also quantitative data as well as questions and comments will be put on the worksheets. The aim of the exercise is to undertake communication and the SWOT Analysis of Department at the Department, Self-Financed Programme, and Faculty levels. The completed Report Form should be returned to the Faculty Dean with a copy sent to Provost. Department Chairs (School Directors) are requested to respond on or before 30 April 2014.


Demographics, higher education, economic and budgetary matters, research, technology and economic development, political landscape, and the related implications, opportunities and challenges for the Faculty can be discussed in the Faculty Plan and likewise in Department Plans.


We will iterate our institutional plan in order to bring the University together and to achieve key institutional goals.

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